House Name Plate

Description Titanium

“TITLE” Personalise your home entrance with this Creative designed Imported Acyrlic Laser Cut 3Dimension Name Plates crafted to create an impression | Size in Inches Process : Titanium Etching or Engrave Name Plates : Etching is a marking method that is often chosen by those who want highly durable, recessed prints in metal plates that are virtually impossible to damage or deface.  There can be one, two or three lines of text and the length is determined by the number [...]


Vastu and Decor Tips for Name Plates

Besides identifying a house, a name plate can also be used to enhance the decor of a house and create a good first impression. We look at the basic dos and don’ts for putting up a name plate on your house A name plate or door plate, serves the functional purpose of identifying a house. However, a name plate can also serve as a decor element, which reflects the home owner’s style sensibilities. “Nowadays, nameplates come in various styles, [...]

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