Condominiums / Housing Complexes / Societies

Each housing unit comes up in a wide range of styles but the kind of ownership is what makes it different from other types of accommodation. A condominium is a unit that’s owned individually, with the access to the few of the common areas of the complex like rooftops, clubhouse, swimming pool, playrooms and outdoor areas, which is co-owned equally by all condo owners under the umbrella of an association. Real Estate Developer offers multiple amenities like lawn tennis, golf course, badminton etc in an integrated township which is common for all residents. Each owner pays their own mortgage, taxes and for the maintenance of the property. Occasionally one can lease condos from the owners and sell it individually just like any other personal property. A unit owner’s association also called as condominium association is established at the time the condominium is created to enable the unit owners for managing and maintaining the property together.