Brass Signs

Brass signs

Do you want a stylish door sign in brass ? We have a selection of stylish brass signs in different designs and sizes. Our brass signs are durable, weather-proof and high quality. They are perfect for outdoor use.

All our brass signs are manufactured using machines and printing, i.e. the text and image are printed digitally in a UV printer. The text and motif are then varnished for optimal durability.

Brass door signs

Welcome your guests with a beautiful brass door sign. We offer everything from stylish classic brass signs to shiny signs in a more modern style. We also offer signs in nickel-plated brass (silver), chrome and brushed brass. These can be ordered in various shapes. You can choose the shape yourself on the Design Page.

Brass Letters

We offer brass letters in two different type – brass hallow letters and brass solid letters . These can be ordered with or without screws. You can then add your text to the sign on our order page

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